About Us

Wollnet Technologies is a complete ICT Company with proven competence in every section of the industry. Our  services are outstanding, providing you  and your organisation the most cost effective medium of doing business in this information age.  

We have executed various consulting projects covering Software/Application development, Fibre Optic, Wireless Networking (Distance Network Configuration in Tertiary Institutions), Intranet designs, Proxy server configurations, etc. Not less than forty (40) VSATs have been installed for our clients around the country.  These and many more have established our mastery in the subjects.

Olu Adeboyejo, the MD/CEO of Wollnet Technologies is a graduate of Computer Science with many years of experience. He is Cisco and Microsoft certified and coordinates a team that is very skilled and knowledgeable  in Linux Solutions and Administration, Wireless Networks and Technologies, Voice Solutions, Relational Data Base design,  management, implementation and administration; web portals, applications and e-commerce solutions.